Youth Energy Coach

Are you raising a Superhero?

Is your child more sensitive than most?  Maybe they have a “vivid imagination”.  Perhaps they see and notice EVERYTHING, smell, hear things, and are very sensitive to touch.  Do they have imaginary friends, see or feel auras (synesthesia) when they look at or think about people, plants, or animals?  Is anxiety a constant struggle?

Come explore the possibilities of their extraordinary gifts.  What if these little people coming into this world are here to be superheroes?   Superheroes don’t start out with control over their superpowers.  They also start out feeling out of place and like they are losing control and have no one to talk to about it.  Superman can fly, but before he could glide through the air, he did a lot of crashing, falling, and bumping into things.  He had to learn to use and control his super powers.  Cyclops realized that special sunglasses helped him see better and helped to sooth his burning lazer beam eyes.  he didn’t start out like that though.  He started out with headaches from lights that were too bright and may have zapped more than one beloved object before he finally found the right tool to help him.  Storm could control the weather but until she learned how to focus and call upon the energy of nature, she was shear chaos when her emotions got the best of her.  Both Hulk & She-Hulk had to learn how to control their amazing strength so that they could hold even the simplest of objects without breaking them.  What we do together is to work on finding out what our superpowers are and learn tools to manage them.

In the first stages, we will learn simple techniques how to ground ourselves, how to refresh our energy, how to put on our invisible protective superhero costume so that we can keep our energy separate from everyone else’s, and we will also learn how to clear the yucky energy when we forget to put our suits on before leaving the house or when visitors come over.

During the second stages, we will learn how to make “energy balls” with our hands, and how we can learn to feel the energy of plants, animals, and people without toughing them, as well as how to move and share energy when things are fun, safe, and calm.

As a mother of a child with super powers, I realized how helpful it would have been for both my child and our family if we would have known and recognized just how far her “hyper sensitivity” extended.  Part of my mission is share what I wish I would have known about when she was younger.  There were so many times that we had battles before school because socks didn’t feel right or the seams in her pants felt weird or after school when she was just over stimulated from all of the people, noise, bright lights, different perfumes and smells, changing room temperatures, just EVERYTHING only to come home and have difficulty sleeping because she felt like someone was watching her and tickling her or called her name…then there were the nightmares.  Being a kid is hard enough let alone without being able to explain what is bothering them.  Maybe it’s because they don’t have the words or as grownups we didn’t understand just how much EXTRA the extra in extraordinary is for them.

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