Meditations in the Park…Coming soon!

Have you ever wanted to try meditation but just can’t picture yourself actually doing it? Meditation can be so much more than sitting cross-legged and trying to clear your mind or repeating “Om” while sitting in the lotus position.

Can I do this? If you are anything like me, your mind wanders at the first opportunity it gets. Believe it or not, that is perfectly normal and it happens to everyone. It’s called “Monkey Mind”. Did you know that it doesn’t mean that you are unable to meditate? Why not persuade your mind to join us on an adventure instead of trying to wrangle it into a corral?

Who else can do this? Anyone can give meditation a whirl. All you need to do is get comfy and be able to follow along with the “story”. My teenagers like it because they never know what they are going to “see”. My friends enjoy it because they are taking a mental break and checking back in with themselves. I love it because for a little while I am on vacation and I don’t even need to do wash!

But what will I wear?! Be comfy. You are welcomed to bring a mat, blanket, pillow, or chair if you like, or just enjoy the feeling of sitting in the grass.

Is it expensive? Not at all! We suggest a heart donation of $10.

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