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“You are from Mother Earth.  What you are doing is as great as the warriors do.” 
White Buffalo Calf Woman – Lakota People

How beautiful and inspiring is that?!

Sometimes we get so caught up in the labels that we put on as if they were coats that we forget to just be.  Being a mom, being a significant other or lone warrior, or maybe being some version of what we think a productive member of society should be can all get kind of heavy at times even when we love the roles we choose to be part of.  Sometimes we get so used to putting others needs ahead of our that we forget that our needs are important as well.  We forget to ask ourselves “What nourishes me?”  How can we be the best versions of ourselves without first remembering to love ourselves and know that we are not alone?

The Compass Rose Women’s Circle is way to take a moment and make our minds peaceful as we come together to commune as sisters, celebrate being women, and support each other.  We are all one in compassion and learning connecting through shared our hearts and sharing our energy.

We discuss a broad range of subjects and everyone is welcomed to suggest a topic to explore as a group.  Some of the topics may include The Divine Feminine, plant medicine, essential oil uses, astrology, energy work, crystals, auras, various aspects of spirituality, intuition, metaphysical, quantum physics, meditation & relaxation, family & relationships…the topics vary and conversations are always lively and filled with laughter and support for each other.  Everyone is equal and equally valuable in the Circle.  Our goal is for this to be a safe and supportive environment for each of us to learn and grow.

Come join us Wednesday’s from 7-9 pm at Complete Wellness Center. For more information on what Complete Wellness Center offers on your journey to a healthy body, mind, and soul, please visit their website: Complete Wellness Center

  • $  5 – Donation for 1 Wednesday Night
  • $20 – Donation for 1 Month of Wednesday Nights

Compass Rose – Circle of Women Donation

All heart donations for Compass Rose Women's Circle go towards rental of our beautiful space and are an energy exchange to share this sacred time with others. •$ 5 donation for 1 Wednesday night •$20 donation for 1 month of Wednesday nights


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