Card Readings

What card reading is:  Card reading a tool that you can use to help you find answers to questions that you may have.  It can be a confirmation of what we may already know on the inside but are unsure of.  It can help us look at things in a different light and get us to think outside the box about a situation, relationship, or goal.  A card reading can get us to explore our inner thoughts more.  An example would be that perhaps you came in struggling with a decision about which job offer to take.  The cards may give you ideas to consider in regards to a situation but because we have free will the cards, ultimately, the decision is ours to make.

What card reading is not:  It is not going to tell your fortune or your future.  It will not tell you what you should or should not do because that is always up to you.  It is not set in stone.  Our decisions effect our future.  What do you mean, you may ask…If you make a change in something you do, it changes the outcome.  If you leave the house in the morning with a destination in mind, chances are good that you will maintain that course and get to that destination.  But if you receive a phone call in route from a friend asking you to lunch instead, you may alter your plans to spend time with that friend and never actually make it to your original destination.  So the decisions that we make every hour of every day effect the outcome of our future.  Say you want to move and you found land to build a house.  At the time that the cards are read you were wondering if this land is a good place to build a house and you get the sense that this is the best decision for you with the knowledge you have.  Six months later perhaps a week before you are ready to close on the land, something changes and you are suddenly left with a great inheritance that allows you to move across the country instead.  Does that mean that the cards were wrong?  No, the land may still be a great place to build a house but now your were given more options.  Time is fluid like a river.

What happens during a reading?  I am an intuitive.  As we are all energetic beings, the way that I read is to get a feel for your energy.  I set the intention that every reading helps the person that I’m reading to receive the guidance that they need for their own highest good.  I want you to feel comfortable, so you can give me as much or as little information as you like.  You decide how much depth you want to get into in your reading.  Perhaps you are looking for a simple 3-card reading just to give you a little insight into a current situation in your life.  Maybe your looking for 5 cards because you have a few ideas that you are bouncing around or it could be that you are looking to work out big ideas and would like a 10-card reading to give you more well-rounded story.  There is no right or wrong choice.  I am just excited to go on this adventure with you whether it is short story, a novelette, or a full-fledged novel…I love to read.  I then take your information, give it a sprinkle of love, surround it with healing Reiki energy,  add a dash of extra intuitive insights and type up your reading for you to keep.

What do I need to do?  You do need to bring your sense of humor.  While you may have serious things going on in your life, let this time be for your enjoyment.  Sit down, have a chat, relax, and BREATHE.  A reading should be fun.  Think of it as going to visit your favorite crazy aunt to see what she will say next.  It is meant to give you suggestions and options…to help you think “outside the box”.  Make jokes.  Find your joy.  Let’s take this time to break up any stagnant energy you may holding on to whether it is yours or someone else’s.  At the very least, you will have something to talk about with your friends.



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