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I started this spiritual journey a several years ago never knowing where it would lead, only knowing at the time that I had to help my children.  Never did I think that it would lead me here and have me coming out of a “Spiritual Closet” so to speak.  Lol.

What I continue to discover along the way is that learning is like giving the Gift of Empowerment.  Empowerment can be magical cloak that gives us the courage to explore things that made us uncomfortable or were confusing.  The gift of empowerment is like a light shining in the darkness.  When you sit outside during the day and see all of the wonders around you thinking “I see the trees, the grass, and the sky” and you think “This is everything there is and it is all around me.  I know this because I can see it when the Sun shines.”  Then night comes and darkness covers all you know and you see nothing.  You know that the sun is still there and the land you live on but when you look up, you see space and the stars and worlds beyond what you know.  It is vast and can be frightening and wondrous at the same time.  This is the time that you make the choice of what you will do with the knowledge that you have.  Do you go to sleep when the sun goes down thinking that there is nothing more you can do that day because there is no more light and wait for dawn?  Do you enjoy a bit of darkness and quiet around you with the content with the certainty that night is merely the time before daybreak?  Do you stay awake in the darkness frightened of the great vastness before you fearing every bump and sound that you can’t identify or see the source of?  OR do you reach around in the dark until you realize you  were given a light to shine?  When we choose to shine that light, others will be able to find us and we will learn that we are not alone.  We can come together and share our light and explore those wonders hidden by darkness discovering that there is so much more than what the eyes can see because sometimes the some of best things are only revealed once the lights go out. 

All of my views began to shift after reading “The Light Between Us” by Laura Lynn Jackson.  As a parent, our kids are on our minds 24-7 even when we don’t think they are.  This was one of those occasions.   I was reading the book for my own enjoyment because a friend had recommended it in relation to her perspective on grief.  As I read Laura’s story, she talked about her childhood and how she saw auras.  I could almost hear an audible “thunk” as the gears of my mind started to move into place.  An idea started to wiggle it’s way to the front of my brain.  Then it formed into a full-fledged thought.  “My daughter is so sensitive to everything (sight, sound, touch, taste, feelings).  Everything overwhelms her and she has constant anxiety about the simplest of things like the seams in her socks.  What if her obsession with colors is because she sees auras?  OMG!”  With her answer to the  simple, casual question “Hey, Honey, I was wondering…Do you ever see colors when you look at people?” our world suddenly went from 3 dimensional to 4 or maybe even 5!  Here we were so focused on the physical symptoms and manifestations of her day-to-day life activities that we had no idea that there was an entire additional dimension to her experiences! 

With those words came the beginning of discussions about just how far each of our gifts extend (and we are still learning).  I dove into researching all of these magical  things in an effort to understand what was going on.  I can say with certainty that had I not read that book, maybe my daughter would have doubted her sanity at some point or shut down her incredible gifts because she was so overwhelmed by the “extra” information that she was receiving.  We never would have been able to put a name to the “feelings” and “knowing” we all get in our family.  It was the beginning of giving us the gift of Empowerment and this is a gift that I want to share through sharing my story and my gifts with others. 


~Diana Maurer~

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